Optimized Electro-Magnetics

Performance Magnetics has decades of experience designing, analyzing, building and measuring EM devices



The best designs use the latest materials and production methods— NdBFe and silicon steels, concentrated and formed windings. We've designed and analyzed many different types of electronically-controlled magnetic devices— motors, generators, actuators, sensors. Our designs have been used in consumer, military, medical, and transportation applications. We understand best practices for low-cost high-volume production.



In the field of electro-magnetics, prototype fabrication is costly and time-consuming, and accurate measurements are difficult to make. Computer simulations are key to understanding performance. We've spent decades perfecting our techniques and tools covering continuous systems simulations, finite element analysis, and analytic formulas. Our simulations predict efficiency, vibrations, cogging, acoustics, etc. And they match test results.



Magnetics is not an easy field. Despite the many approaches taken over the years, radical improvements and innovations occur all the time. The ideas that improve performance are often counter-intuitive. We use parameter variation and search methods to home in on the best design for each approach. Our results are often startlingly different and better than industry practices— smaller machines outperforming larger competitors.